Besides being an artist, Arike Gill works three days a week at the collection Mineralogy and Petrology in Naturalis. She has to facilitate the use of the collection by researchers. She is also responsible for the condition of the collection so it will be accessible for future generations. She walks in the footsteps of her predecessors, dating back to 1820 with the origin of the museum.

In contrast with her job as a Collection Manager where she objectively archives the collections of explorers of the past and present, she actively takes on the role of explorer herself in her artwork. With her drawings and light installations, she travels through time. She incorporates residues from the past, present and future and rearranges them. Due to this, new connections are made and an alternative reality is born. In her new project 'Theon dakry' she takes this one step further, in which as a result her alternitve reality infiltrates our own reality.

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