Arike Gill became fascinated by the concept of life and its vulnerability during her study Biology at Leiden University. How does man relate to nature? When does life stop and what is left of it?

In addition to her Biology study, she also followed lessons at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague to further examine these fascinations. Since then, she has successfully completed both studies and is working as a collection manager Geology at the natural history museum Naturalis.

Naturalis, as a library of our biodiversity, is the perfect place for Arike Gill to explore her endless curiosity for life. Her daily work in the collection functions as a foundation for her work as an artist. In contrast with her job as a Collection Manager where she objectively archives the collections of explorers of the past and present, in her artwork she takes the freedom to collect and discover for herself. In her art she takes on different roles; explorer, journalist, scientist, collection manager, clairvoyant and artist. All identities are intimately intertwined and result in a own reality. In this new world she explores the boundaries between human civilization and wild nature.


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